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Revised Keyboard Printer Friendly Version
Did you know that standard letters on a keyboard are not set up to make it easier to type but the opposite. They were arranged early in the 1900's to make it the hardest to use for a specific odd reason and that has never changed?
If we arrange the letters around and place the letters used most (for instance) at the easiest point to type them then we would have a better and faster keyboard. I say we go a step further and rearrange the entire keyboard (not just letters) and add extra enter buttons, space bars etc. in different areas making multiple spots for the easiest places to hit the keys when and where appropriate. Also, I would like to not have to program all the function keys to do different things but combine certain used combinations of keys into one key, like one key for Control/Alt/Delete and other commands. The faster we can work the more gets done!
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Braille output monitor Printer Friendly Version
There is a lot of software that give out an audible output of what is a computer monitor screen for the blind. There seems to be no reference to a tactile output pad that reproduces text in braille as well as graphics as raised dots.
The output 'screen' can be a pad lying on the table with a matrix of equally spaced pins, which are at surface level and rise above the surface on activation
The technology exists (rather outmoded) as dot matrix printers. Enhancements can be thought of by adding peltier feefct diodes which change the temperature of the tip of the 'dots', which could be used to convey colour or emphasis. A hot dot can represent red for example.
This is likely to provide a more satisfying interaction than just an audio output.
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Interactive Golf Printer Friendly Version
This is more of a software game design idea. I have had it for several years now and I know I am not going to get around to doing it so I am throwing it out there because I would love to see it done.
You all know how they have golf video games that you can play against people online. What I think would be great is if they made a game where you can actually play against the real pros during a real tournament.
Say the tournament starts on Thursday and you get up in the morning and start up the game and get matched up with Tiger Woods. When he actually tees off, you see a computer image of him teeing off and his shot. Now it is your turn and you tee off. You play the entire match with him and then you play the next day and are matched up accordingly on your score.
We have the technology to do this ... all matches are filmed live and the internet makes it easy to do this. I just think this would be a great market for everyone to want to get involved (PGA, game designers, and such).
Reward: A couple games and a little credit for the thought. 

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