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Semi portable Notebook Printer Friendly Version
Hi, here in Argentina, good laptop computers are uncommonly expensive and impossible to buy. My concept is simple. Make this technology accessible to a large number of people by removing all the expensive parts from the notebook.
For example: the screen. No I’m not joking. So, the tiny screen cost a lot? Remove it. I would gladly use any TV screen as a replacement. Like playstation. I know is not as mobile as one regular notebook, an it doesn’t look as good, but is better than pc. I could move it from place to place, take it to other places, other houses, everybody has TV. All I want is a powerful processor and a decent hdd. It could have a wireless keyboard or one long retractable tv cable.
Sorry for the lousy English, I think is a great idea anyway.
Reward: Nothing 

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Dummy terminals return Printer Friendly Version
Remember those old dummy terminals back in the days... (if you're old enough) well I bet they will come back one day when someone steals this idea.
Ok what's a dummy terminal? In a nutshell, it used to be basically a monitor and keyboard hooked up to a network of some kind. Usually there was a text based screen where the user can interact. Most or all of the processing was done on a central computer.
So my idea is that 1 day, we all invest into dummy terminals but this time with wireless. All you need is 1 big giant super computer here and there and wireless connection everywhere. When someone upgrades the super computer... POW you got a new pc almost.
But why do it? Handhelds would not need a high end cpu and could do wonders, your pc would be much cheaper, viruses would less likely do as much damage since only super computers would need updates not 100,000,000 home pcs.
I imagine their could be other uses.
Reward: a super computer 

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Computer Earth! Printer Friendly Version
Steve says in a Comment on the idea “Wireless Digital Camera” by Maskone (posted Thu Mar 25 2004): “There are so many millions of mobiles around, maybe it would be possible to build some kind of walkie-talkie technology into them, so the data could hop from one mobile to the next (and not via the phone company), much like the data on the internet hops from one network point to the next, until it reaches the destination.” (posted Sun Apr 11, 2004).
I pondered Steve’s interesting and challenging idea. Suppose we expand this idea a bit to include the transfer not only of digital images but of all the other kinds of information we currently send over the internet. We put a transmitter-receiver on the roof of each house on the planet, and we attach it to a relay computer in each house that is permanently switched on. One of the tasks of these relay computers is to receive files etc. from nearby transmitters and forward them on to other transmitters in the directions of their destinations. We would also connect everyone’s home computers to the relay computers. And either specially adapted mobile phones or tiny portable relay computers would be the mobile component of the network.
Are we beginning to create one giant computer here stretching right around the planet? Could this be the next big step beyond the internet? Many have imagined the internet as providing the way to create a giant world-wide computer. Steve’s idea suggests a different way to do it, and if a few technical problems could be sorted out, perhaps a potentially much more powerful way.
This giant Computer Earth would have two quite different kinds of interconnections - the present type of wire and optical fiber, and Steve’s all-encompassing wirelessly communicating short-distance hopping connections. Reminiscent of the brain with its long distance nerve fiber connections and the numerous short-distance connections between each brain cell and its neighbors.
I presume the idea of connecting computers around the world wirelessly has already been considered and researched in some detail, but so far it has not advanced (as far as I know) beyond local centres of activity, linear connections between computers, and applications such as Bluetooth. There are clearly plenty of challenges for inventive minds to solve here. Creating a fully interconnected network of home computers right around the world which can act as one giant computer is surely one of the great holy grails of our times. The internet is a great start but it lacks the intense and intimate connectivity of the human brain. Could Steve’s three dimensional and ubiquitous wireless hopping connections turn the present-day cold and linear internet into Computer Earth?
Reward: A free connection to Computer Earth! 

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