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Cell Phone Cradle with Mirror for Web Cam Apps Printer Friendly Version
I am developing a social network app like Skype. The problem is that on most phones like Droid X, you cannot view the other person and have them view you at the same time because the camera is on the opposite side of the touch screen. Why not make a cradle for the phone to sit in that has a reflective mirror that reflects what the camera sees back toward the user? I realize that some phones now have cameras in the front and back, but for users with small budgets a cheap cradle might do. Especially, if the cradle folded and acted like a cover so I don't have to pack yet another gadget with me.

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Kindle E-book Formating Software Printer Friendly Version
Basic kindle ebook formatting tool. As of the writing of this, one does not exist. Using only the html tags available and specified on the Amazon site.
I envision a piece of software that I can copy and paste my text into a field, highlight the text, and then with one click, format it.
The program should be able to output to the Amazon zip format used with images. It should also have the ability to do bullet lines and headings size, and it should understand kindle linewraping.

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GPS Shock Collar System Printer Friendly Version
Purpose: To eliminate the need for fences to manage livestock.

Level 1: A shock collar with a remote receiver that can be use to remotely control shocking of the wearer. Shock is administered by a capacitive device and on-board battery for charging.
Level 2: Add a transmitter to sense the livestock's temperature (to know the animal is alive) and to indicate battery charge state.
Level 3: Add a GPS monitoring system to transmit Lat/Long location codes when requested.
Level 4: Add software and PC card/remote receiver/transmitter to allow monitoring of multiple collars to track locations of wearers.
Level 5: Add software on collar to allow the user to program boundary corners by moving the collar to each corner of the desired enclosure and pressing a button on the collar to enter the lat/long into a corner list. The collar can then use this information with an onboard computer system to determine at periodic intervals (also programmable) if the collar is in or outside the boundary specified. If the condition is not desired (in or out) then a shock is administered by the collar. Shocks will also transmit a code so that the monitoring station can set off an alarm to alert the rancher that the battery may soon go dead and that an animal is outside its boundary.
Level 6: Add remote software that can reprogram the collars so that boundaries can be dynamically moved from a central location (your PC). Software can be developed to slowly move the boundaries over time to literally herd the animals to or from a desired location.

With all these features and some training it should be possible to do ranch work entirely from you PC and remove the need for fencing entirely.

Potential: The market for this should be huge and it would revolutionize ranching. RFID chips could also become integrated into this technology.
Reward: If you ever get these collars made - just let me have free use of this on my own ranch. 

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