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Using Kinetic Energy to Charge Your Phone or Ipod Printer Friendly Version
I was thinking you could have something that charges your phone/ipod while you walk. Build a device that you could put in your shoe, or in your purse, or somewhere on you, that could use kinetic energy to charge your stuff.
Reward: This for free. I always forget to charge my electronics... 

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Computerized car stereo Printer Friendly Version
The concept is a computerized car stereo that has internet access. This way you could sit at your home (or work) computer and download songs directly to your car stereo. Also you would be able group songs into 'packets' so you would be able to push one button on the stereo and play one 'packet' similar to the presets for radio stations. For example - packet one is your ten favorite driving songs, packet two is is your wifes favorite ten songs, packet three is your girlfriends favorite ten songs, ect. You could configure these on your computer and send them to your car whether it's parked in your driveway or across the country. Also a feature of the car stereo would be to record a show or group of songs off of the radio to listen to later either in the car or back at the house.
Reward: I want one... or actually two for both of my cars. 

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United States Printer Friendly Version
Apple sells a product called the "Airport Express". It is a wireless networking node. You can plug your computer into it to join the network OR you can plug in a pair of speakers - this is called "Air tunes". iTunes allows you to stream music to multiple Airport Express nodes.
My idea is to create a boom-box that has an Airport Express built into it.
Right now you have to take your speakers or boom-box and your Airport Express to your listening spot. You plug the Airport Express into a wall outlet, then plug your Airport Express into your boom-box. If your boom-box needs to use A/C power, you have to plug that into the wall, too.
By merging these two pieces of equipment, you have a single box that can go anywhere in your house and you just plug it in. iTunes will find it and send music to it.
If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone with the Remote application you can control iTunes remotely as well.
There are a number of devices you can plunk an iPod into and have speakers. This is different and, I think, pretty simple to build for someone familiar with electronics. I don't think you'd even need to disassemble the Airport Express.

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