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Clip on music stand light from the bottom Printer Friendly Version
I need a music stand light that can clip on and actually light up both pages of the sheet music without overloading my music stand from the heavy weight at the top and hinder my scores that are sometimes a bit taller then the stand itself.
The ones available in market are either mini clip-ons that don't light up the sheet music properly; and those that do are all designed to be hung from the top - which is good if there is a lot of space and your stand is strong enough, like those in my orchestra.
But the fact is, most music stands used by students at home cannot handle a heavy clip-on light at the top. Furthermore, original scores tend to be taller then the stands, so clipping at the top or even the side is not useful.
Many musicians share my problem, especially those who play portable pianos which usually have a shorter stand. They all just sigh and hope that somehow, someday, someone will invent a good light like that.
So I'm here putting it out there to anyone who would like to work on this idea - please invent a compact music stand light that:
- is battery operated
- clips from the bottom
- doesn't overload the typical stand
- covers an area good enough for two pages (not like those mini round spot lights that are good for goodness knows what)
- does not fall off or obstruct the flipping of pages
Reward: Me and my other good-lighting deprived musician friends will forever be grateful, especially if I can get it on eBay. 

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Mini USB Converter for iDevices Printer Friendly Version
Most people nowadays have a blackberry, android, or iPhone as their smartphone. As you well know, Android and Blackberry use a mini-USB cable to recharge their batteries whereas Apple has their own unique cable. I propose the creation of a case that holds the backup battery for the iPhone/iPad/iPod and is charged by a mini-USB; when you plug it in, it charges itself and the iDevice.
So, if you ever run out of battery at your friend's house and their phone is powered by a mini-USB cable, you can use their cable to charge your phone and case at the same time. When the battery on your iDevice runs out, you turn the case on and it charges your iDevice from its backup battery. The case also serves the dual-purpose of providing protection against damage.
Reward: a FREE product 

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SmartFlash (Wireless Flashdrive) Printer Friendly Version
It is time consuming trying to download pictures or data onto a regular flashdrive because you have to plug the flashdrive into a computer and then begin the download process. Why not have a smart flashdrive that will wirelessly download information from a computer or another SmartFlash?
This would enable you and others to send information such as pictures or PDFs to a SmartFlash at anytime from anywhere. It would be great for security because you are sending data to a flashdrive in your pocket for your eyes only.
Reward: Better and faster communication. 

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