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Light Bulb Disco Ball Printer Friendly Version
A regularly powered standard plug in bulb but with all the qualities of a disco ball in every size and wattage to go with the mood of any occasion or mood.
Reward: One for every socket inside and outside the house! 

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Snooze Proof Alarm Printer Friendly Version
An alarm clock that has a snooze-proof alarm feature. In other words, an alarm that prevents the consumer from constantly hitting the snooze while half asleep. (I have, at times, hit the snooze every 4 minutes for 2 hours before I eventually got up!). The Snooze Proof Alarm would be able to act like a normal alarm clock w/ snooze, but also have snooze proof alarm features. One aspect of the snooze proof alarm would be the ability to make the snooze button inactive. But, to prevent people from just turning off the alarm entirely, the user must solve a simple puzzle (or enter a code into a lock) that would require that the user is awake and not half asleep. Some ideas for the code/puzzle: a simple visual-spatial puzzle, or a pre-programmed question (set by the user) that must be answered before the alarm can be set off. In the last example, the user can define what kind of question he/she would like. Thus, he/she might tell the alarm to ask "What is 85 +72?" and only the required answer would turn off the alarm. Or, the user could input "What is the capital of your homestate?" and they'd have to then input the answer, which they could pre-program to whatever they want. Actually, whatever unlocks the turn off alarm mode could be whatever... whatever works best.
Reward: I'd like one of the finished products for free. Also, please don't claim that you thought up the idea. Just say what you did... made the idea reality, and marketed, sold and made a buisness out of it. Thanks. 

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Silent wake up digital Alarm Printer Friendly Version
This idea comes directly from a need that I have. I often want to get up early, before my roomates do, but any "normal" alarm would wake them up as well. I looked for vibrating wristwatches, but for some reason they say it's not for waking people up. (Maybe people would hurt themselves if they rolled onto it.) And it's also hard to make vibrators that small that also has the needed electronics. So, my idea is some variation of a vibrating alarm, for those people who don't want to wake up their roomates (or spouses). There could be a normal alarm clock that sits on a desk nearby. Also, included in the product would be a wrist-band (it can be big, as long as it's comfortable, if neccessary it could be as big as a hand even, as long as it's comfortable to sleep in). At the time that a person wants to wake up, the desk alarm sends a signal to the wrist-band, that vibrates until the person either wakes and turns the desk-alarm off, or hits the snooze on the desk alarm. Ideally, the vibrating wrist-band would be as quiet as possible, but even a little noise, as long as it doesn't wake others up, would be an improvement on what's already out there.
Reward: I'd like one of the final working products for free, so that I can use it. Also, it would be nice if you don't take credit for the idea, but instead, just take credit for making the idea reality and selling/marketing it. Esepcially if it really takes off. Thanks. 

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