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Digital Film Roll Printer Friendly Version
How about a Digital Film Roll cartridge for a standard manual SLR Camera that can replace your conventional 35mm film roll... The digital cartridge could have parts which would fool the manual SLR to believe that the roll is real... i.e., wind the roll in place after every exposure, unwind etc. The cartridge would consist of a battery unit, storage space, exposure transfer screen/pad, roll advance sensor. The battery and storage is shaped like a standard film roll atttached to a screen, which registers the exposure through manual/normal operation of the camera, and the forward movement sensor fools the camera that the picture has been taken. The battery and storage unit would have necessary sockets for transferring photographs to the computer. Such an equipment could save development and processing cost of photographs.
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Transport Light by Optic Fiber - Save Energy Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to supply light using optic fiber instead of the electric wires to save the energy. As we all know that when electricity travels through wires, it loses its power (potential difference). Hence we lose lots of energy when electricity travels from the power station to our home.
My idea is very simple... here are the steps:
1) Generate laser rays (or other high intensity rays) at the power station and supply it to home via fiber optic. Light loss will be less than 1% in fiber optic.
2) At home, change the laser ray light to normal light using a device.
3) Use any opaque glass material to scatter the light in all directions.
This is my basic idea. There may be theoretical loop holes, but can be corrected.
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Power supplies Printer Friendly Version
An average home in the Western World has more than 40 power supplies for electronic devices from phone chargers to LCD TVs (internal or external). Power supplies transform AC current to DC, usually 5-12V. We can easily produce power supplies that can serve multiple devices in a single box - we already do that in personal computers. All the electronics industry have to do is remove the power supplies from their devices and give us standardised plugs to plug into the standardized sockets of these new power supplies.
The benefits: First of all no fiddly power supplies, smaller and cheaper devices, smaller and more flexible power cables, no problems with 110V/220V differences, no problems with plug/socket differences (same product can be sold anywhere in the world without modifications). You chose your power supply separately so you can buy the budget one or the really expensive one with remote control flashing little lights and little buttons that usually men really like. It's a whole new product on its own!
Also, if needed, add some rechargeable batteries to your power supply and you have a mini-UPS that keep powering some or all of the devices (phones are a good example) during a black-out.
Later, homes can have a central power supply (or power supplies, depends on maximum distance from devices due to losses) that are hidden from view and feed all electronic devices through wall sockets. Furthermore, it is far easier to locally produce low voltage DC with solar panels and that can be fed to the system and reduce AC electricity usage.
I am only surprised it hasn't been implemented yet.
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