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Mark T
Wind energy pollution removers Printer Friendly Version
Wind turbines are being used to generate electricity in several countries (Denmark for example). Why don't they have turbines that exist to remove polluting particles from the air and perhaps transfer them to the base of the station. If some of the emissions of automobiles could be captured by a "windmill" then instead of using the power to generate electricity it could be used to gather the particles and concentrate them into something that is no longer floating in the air, but contained in a solid lump.
Since the air cleaners are run by wind energy, there are no electricity costs to run them.
Reward: I hate air pollution. So if you can invent this, you would make me happy. That would be my reward. 

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Martin Wallace
Urban Waste Abatement Kit Printer Friendly Version
This would be a good project for an Environmental Science/ Education Student. The physical object is quite simple, but the institution of the system would require much research and involvement.
The actuall object: A backpack that holds a 32oz thermal mug, a set of flatware, and a lenin napkin.
The hard part: One would need to do a cost analysis comparison between cost of waste removal and landfill use to the cost of distributing such a kit to all citizens of any given urban area. My assumption is that it would be very expensive to issue the kits initially, but over time the city/ community would save money from waste removal and landfill usage. The idea is to cut back on paper and styro waste from restaraunts and convenieance stores by issueing every citizen his/her own set of wares. This not only would cut back on the amount of waste, but also on the amount of litter, so there would certainly be an aesthetic value to it also. Businesses may even chose to get involved by offering discounts to patrons who bring in their own cups/ forks/ napkins etc.
I live in a somewhat progressive community, and I've seen many of the indie kids in town allready doing this on their own. I think it is a lovely idea which large urban areas could really put to good use.
Reward: No reward expected. The reward would be inherent in the execution of the idea. If a reward is necessary, perhaps to bail me out of jail the next time I get arrested for peacefull, non-violent demonstration. 

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zyx Rationalist
Long Life for Electric Bulbs Printer Friendly Version
Over the number of years that I have lived, I have realized that, most of the time we loose filament of electric bulbs is while switching the bulb on. That must be because of sudden heating of cold filament to an instant brightness. So if we create a second electric bulb holder that fits on any existing bulb holder such that it doesn't instantly ignite the bulb to full brightness but rather smoothly increases the electric current to the fullest, then we would save a lot of money and resources of producing electric bulbs. And poorer areas where only bulbs are used will be glad to buy such a product.
Reward: Thank me at mailto:zyxRationalist@yahoo.com

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