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Pajama Suit Printer Friendly Version
A suit made from pajama materials that you could work in all day. Take the comfort of bed time with you all day! Never change clothes again!
Be like a genius and wear your own suit design forever... make yourself your own trademark like that guy who has all those colorful question marks on his suit. Find some good leather loafers and go directly from work to bed.
Reward: I don't know about you but if I never had to change from day to night clothes all week then I wouldn't ever change clothes! 

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Scarf Lock Printer Friendly Version
The sticky part of velcro will grab the material of your average scarf quite nicely. I have found that two such pieces of velcro, back-to-back, will lock a scarf in place. Securing the scarf even in a good wind. The whole scarf is used not just most of it. For example, most people lay the beginning end of the scarf on their shoulder, wrap the scarf around a few times and lay the trailing end on a shoulder, but they have to do this because there was no way to keep it tight. With the scarf lock, if you like that name, just press the fore part of your scarf against your face and wrap to your desired tension around your head. When you get to the trailing end you press the velcro against it and then press that against the remaining scarf around your head. Sandwiching the velcro in the scarf. There is one problem, because constantly using the velcro tears at the fabric, it may ruin your favorite scarf over time. However from a business point of view this forces the customer to buy another scarf anyway. Which is actually what a business would want, right?
Reward: If you like the idea and actually make a fortune remember what my signature says. It may pay off for us both. 

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Design yer Clothes Printer Friendly Version
I thought about having a tailor shop that would cut patterns that people submitted--along with their size and measurements. The main idea would be to cut out patterns for the customer to sew up themselves, or sew them up for an extra cost for the customer as an option. The customer and a tailor would likely have a short collaboration on any minor finishing details for the design before the pattern was started. Now with the Internet, this would be a much smoother process. The site could feature top fashion designs of the week/month/year and be available to anyone for sale that wished to market any of the clothing styles. Or, maybe it could just be set up like at Shutterpoint.com where the designer sets a price and anyone could buy your design at the price you list and the designer would get recognition in different ways on the desineyerclothes website.

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