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Teflon Non-Stick Additive For Fabrics Printer Friendly Version
A wash cycle and dryer heat set Teflon like additive that would repel unwanted materials from pet hair too dust or dirt. This way you could simply shake off the blanket or shirt (blouse) or pants after they aquire the unwanted material. It would simply float to the floor where all other unwanted things go anyway and get vacuumed up evetually some time later.
This treatment for fabrics wouldn't be like starch and make them stiff, but leave the fabrics soft and flexible. Comfortable fabrics with that little added advantage of a permiated, fully saturated to repel and keep everything but liquids out which you could add to this product. The treatment might be able to even keep out moisture once heat set in the dryer and then only break down with soaps or detergents for cleaning purposes.
Reward: My face on a billboard advertising this product! A BIG face! 

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 New Zealand
Mini shouldster bag Printer Friendly Version
My idea is for a mini shouldster bag which would be a one-piece bag that straps between shoulder, neck and chest area. Small enough to carry mobile phone, car keys, wallet, ipod, etc. made from a material like neoprene or polyester material. Weatherproof, sweatproof, etc. Came up with the idea for women who tend to carry large shoulder bags or handbags and tend to leave them with someone or on bar tables when they went on to the dancefloor while clubbing. With this bag they have their belongings with them all the time. Also suitable for men for work or while jogging, perfect for an ipod or mp3 player. Could have inner sleeves or mini pockets to hold loose change or to strap in ipod or mp3 player. Could have a bottle opener fitted inside or outside the bag. Could have different colours or designs suited for both male and female.
Reward: just to get this mini shouldster bag out there and maybe getting a major sports company like puma or nike to take it on and offer me a job being an ideas man. 

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Quick Wristband Maker Printer Friendly Version
A device that stretches out those things below the cap on a plastic bottle and turns them into a wristband. It could be done by mounting on 2 wheels that spin it fast and slide apart from each other to get even stretchage.
There are ways of making them out of the thin plastic thing inside the cap, but if you haven't practiced a lot, it results in failure. This would be a fail-safe wristband maker
Reward: get it for free 

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