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Essence of Ashtray (to give up smoking) Printer Friendly Version
I smoked for many years not caring about my health, and I smoked I guess because I was depressed... Then I put my nose right next to my ashtray which I had kept half full in a drawer. The smell was ghastly. Before I went to bed I smelt this again, I closed the drawer and vowed I would never smoke again. I think of tobacco as a huge weed - a monster that pervades and eats flesh... when I need a fag, I draw in a quick intake of fresh air and when my hands feel lost I play with a white tube. It's worked for me! Though I confess I am still depressed...
So, someone please make Essence of Ashtray to help those giving up - in moments of weakness they can uncork this vomitable odour, a quick whiff and your desire to give up is replenished. - And someone please do a picture of this horribly ugly, man-eating monster weed.
Reward: Within one week of not smoking I could smell the improvement in my home and all my old aches and pains had gone. I felt energized. 

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Talking Toothbrush for Kids Printer Friendly Version
How to prevent tooth decay? Learn how to brush your teeth! How often have I tried to teach my kids how to brush their filthy little fangs, and do they do it? I despair! Will they let me brush their teeth? No! SCREAM! I want to buy a toothbrush that talks in a fun way, that teaches them... possibly by singing a little jingly tune... Front teeth top, front teeth bottom, back teeth right top... up down, up down, (not side-ways) the tune/instructions lasts for 2 minutes.
The brush itself could glo in the dark, be shaped like Scooby- whatever! Just help my kids to get ALL their teeth brushed, especially at the gum line. If battery-powered, please include 4 inter-changeable heads! I can never find the right heads to buy for novelty brushes that cost a fortune but only last a few weeks before their brush gets all misshaped.
Reward: Kids wont suffer from tooth ache... Just let me know the idea is being taken up! 

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Chewing gum Aspirin Printer Friendly Version
Some times you need to take an aspirin to stop a headache but you dont have any water or juice to do so. A chewing gum aspirin would be a handy solution. This method could be generalized to other medicine especially for children.
Reward: Just do it 

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