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Plug-in Thermostat Switch With Wireless Sensor Printer Friendly Version
This would be a device that you would plug into a wall and plug a heating appliance, such as a slow cooker or dehydrator, into the device. You would set the thermostat for the temperature you would like the food in the appliance to maintain, or possibly two temperatures: one for the appliance to turn on at when it falls below it and one for it to turn off at when it reaches it.
The sensor would be wireless, like some modern thermometers, and sealed such that it could be completely submerged in the food. Putting the sensor in the food is more accurate than putting it in the appliance, especially in a cold room.
Making it wireless and sealed would eliminate the problem of cords holding the lids and covers of appliances ajar. One could even screw the lid onto a jar with the sensor inside. This would be useful for anaerobic food ferments like sauerkraut. I would use it with a crockpot and a dehydrator that I bought at a thrift store.
Reward: A free one. 

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Smart Microwave Printer Friendly Version
This state of the art Microwave oven can do the following: When you put food in it will quickly identify it and cook it for you with a time that will leave the food perfect (not too cold or hot). It uses cameras that create a 3D image of the food and sensors that can penetrate the food to see what's inside. After identifying the food the microwave will offer a time that the micro thinks is appropriate or a custom time that the user can input (touchscreen). Also the micro can detect stuff that's not food and shouldn't even be there such as metal, plastic etc. and will not operate until the object is removed. It can hold 1GB of music to play while food is cooking or if you want music when in the kitchen. As for safety the micro can be limited to certain features without a password. It can also connect to the internet for updates to its knowledge of foods and recommended times (wireless internet). It can also save presets or custom times for foods that are cooked often. Scenario: Bill wants to heat up hot pockets so he puts them in the microwave and 5 seconds later the microwave starts (on its own). Bill has the settings to automatically play music while cooking food. The food is ready and the microwave stops the music and a human voice (not the beeping sound) says "your food is ready Bill". Bill opens the microwave and takes the food out. The touchscreen offers choices "continue music play back?" YES or NO.
Reward: A pat on the back for the company that makes this. 

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Echo Proof Toilets Printer Friendly Version
Any where a toilet is it makes embarassing loud noise for all too hear. For optimal privacy we need a toilet that reverberates back down and is obsorbed by the inner bowl.

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