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All-In-One Kitchen Appliance Remote Temperature Gauge Printer Friendly Version
A microwave, freezer, oven, stove, Etc. Microwave safe, heat resistant, and could even go into your wood burning fire place. You simply hold the remote in your hand to read the Temperature safely at a distance and the tool itself Pokes into the food. You could program all of them to one remote and keep the remote magnatized on your refrigerator to tell you when all of your cooking is being prepared at the right time to coordinate cooking times on multiple food items and sounds an alarm when done cooking where ever they may be. This is the key, hardest part to learn and teach about proper meal preperation and could be used to help teach cooking at Culinary Schools World Wide. Even Bakery Schools! Yummmm!
A porcelin material would be heat resistant and would not disturb the microwave.
Reward: Beats the Old Tool! 

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Ground Meat Masher Printer Friendly Version
It takes way too long to stand over a hot stove trying to break up ground meat in a frying pan. Ground Beef, Turkey, and pork don't fall into those little bits you find in your 'Hamburger Helper' all by themselves. Instead of using a one bladed spatula, take the plastic or rubber spatula blades and build them 'potato masher' style, with a handle and a heat/steam guard for the hand! Covering more skillet space would make that job a lot easier.
Reward: Five Ground Meat Mashers, please. 

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Compact Fridge Printer Friendly Version
Ever been to a small kitchen in your friend's apartment? The fridge is always the space hogger. In other words, it's hard to walk by the fridge when someone has the door open; or to take a tray or large object out of that fridge and put it on the adjacent counter (the one always blocked by that fridge door). What I suggest is to have a fridge that has a collapsable door that folds into the 'box'. Almost like a garage door does, but instead of having the door go into the ceiling this door will go into the side of the fridge. This way there is no door to bump into when someone is browsing the contents. Now some of you will say that Maytag has come out with a split door fridge. This model should work in the confined space of the tiny kitchen. Blah blah. It doesn't, beside the fact that Maytag products stink, their split door model is not the answer. A totaly foldable (collapsable) model is the answer.
Reward: A free one when someone makes this. 

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