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National Water Pipeline Distribution System Printer Friendly Version
The technology has been around for thousands of years and is simple in construction. Every year the United States experiences droughts in various parts of the country and severe flooding in other areas. I propose that a series of water pipelines be constructed all over the US. As an example in the midwest, this year flooding is causing billions of dollars in property and crop damages. If a series of catch basins were established up and down the Mississippi and Missouri rivers and then directed into large (minimum 10 foot diameter) pipes which can then be redirected to the southwest where drought conditions are present it would reduce flooding and provide much needed water to the southwest.
This I know is very simplistic but our technology today can do this. The cost is expensive but over the course of a few short years it should pay for itself. Think of it major areas of the country that continue to struggle with droughts and fires could be reduced with a constant flow of water from other parts of the country where flooding occurs on a routine basis or is prevelant. Since the two major areas of water shortages are the south west (Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico), and south eastern US (Fl, GA, SC) I suggest start building pipelines to these two areas first.
Today as I write this the Mississippi is flooding and dumping into the Gulf of Mexico billions of gallons of water that could be utilized in other parts of the country.
To cut costs most of the pipeline should stay above ground.
Once pipeline established many areas of the country could see significant growth in farm production and bring in new businesses.
Just a thought and I hope to hear back from someone. Is this a crazy idea or what??? Please let me know.
Reward: Just would like to get recognition that I was the first to think of it. Maybe name the first pipeline after me or a name I recommend. 

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Umbrella with light Printer Friendly Version
My idea is to create an umbrella with lights (LEDs or OLEDS) in the internal part, which can be turned on from the handle.... so if you have to get of your car, say to change a flat tire in a dark place such as a highway or road, you will have light enough to work.
Reward: A couple of umbrellas 

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For two wheelers to overcome theft Printer Friendly Version
We have heard about vehicle theft all around why don’t we come up some simple idea.
The idea is when key is taken out let the air go out from the front and rear wheel and when keyed in let air fill so no question of theft.

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