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Solution to tyranny of the majority Printer Friendly Version
A solution to the problem of tyranny of the majority in any association is: allow anyone to quit the association it belongs to presently.
If any minority doesn't agree with the rules/laws being passed they should be free to abdicate their membership to the group, weather it's an informal club of friends or a nation.
In fact that's what happens with the vast majority of associations, except for nations. That's where it's severely lacking. Even international organizations that countries are part of generally allow for the abdication of membership.
Actually, I think that technically, many countries allow for abdicating one's citizenry, the problem is that no country allows for someone without a citizenry of an existing country to be or come into their country. So presently the only solution is becoming a citizen of some other existing country.
But what if no country is suitable? With any other association or business one can simply start our own. Not so with countries. Well I think it should be allowed.
All countries should allow one to declare one's private property a sovereign nation. And possibly/preferrably also change regions within a country, like allowing one's private property to become part of another state/district/county that's more in line with our preferences, if the state/district/county accepts us of course.
One could also start our own state/district/county as long as the higher level of governance we are still a part of agrees. Or have an entire region decide to become part of another, higher level, region. Like California decide to become a part of Canada instead of USA as long as Canada accepts them of course. Or California could declare themselves a sovereign nation.
So basically the same for all levels of association from clubs of 2 people to entire nations and international associations of nations. Like some members of UN could decide to make their own "UN".
Freedom of association
Freedom of disassociation.
(Note: I realize I probably am not using the correct words regarding countries, nations, citizenry, national, etc. but I don't know the exact terms and I believe anyone understands the underlying point I'm making.)

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Musician Pet Printer Friendly Version
This toy would hook up wirelessly to handheld devices, find favorite music, and then produce simple variations on favorite songs, based on what the user (child or adult) says to the stuffed animal about the song. The point is to have a cheap alternative to robots, which do creative things, but with the advantage of being cuddly.
Reward: Maybe one of these electronics things will finally work for me - usually I have misgivings. Intangible / secondary reward. 

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Self-Leveling Boat Deck Printer Friendly Version
A friend showed me a YouTube video of a pool table that counteracts the movement caused by waves on a ship at sea (see next post). Why can't they make the entire deck of a boat work on the same principal?
No matter how much the waves rock the boat, the deck would remain level, just like the pool table. It would work using either some type of gyroscope or gimbal, or it would float independent from the base using some sort of counter-weight (possibly like a ball compass). After doing some research, I discovered that there is a device on the market that is basically a gyroscope in a box (see next post). It claims to reduce the effect of waves by 50%. Does anyone else think it's possible to engineer a way to keep the deck of a ship level at all times?

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