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Take politicians/ aides to court who lie. Printer Friendly Version
I am fed up with political advertisements that misrepresent, distort or invent facts about a measure, proposal, proposition, candidate or piece of legislation.
I would like to see a citizens group formed whose sole purpose in life would be to take those individuals, groups or parties who lie about their positions, or those of their opponent, to court for violating the intent of "Truth in Adversiting" Laws.
Also, when a vote is influenced by the use of lie, inuendo, misrepresention of facts or other falsehoods the "Voter" has been disenfranchised thru trickery and deceit (including the withholding of information) which invalidates the indivuals right to vote based on the truest and best information available.
No one has the right to "trick" a voter out of his or her right to accurately expressess their opinion and choice by voting. I would like to make such actions punishable FEDERAL Felonies.
Reward: To reduce the number and incidence of fanciful, false and misleading political advertising. Basically promote truth at the HIGHEST levels... for once. 

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Eye Lighter Printer Friendly Version
So, this is for all the modern, edgy, punk youth out there. Or possibly weird, zany, old people. Basically, it's just coloring highlighter on your eyelids as eyeshadow. It's very cool. It brings out the color of your eye with he contrast. I tried it on my friend, and the only advise I can give you, if you try it, is to avoid rubbing it in your eyes!
If I were to ever make this idea into something, I would start by calling it EyeLighter. Get it, the play on words... Anyway, then of course, I would make it non-toxic and least harmful, but as close to a highlighter marker semblence as possible.
And to top it off, I would keep it in the shape of a pen, but maybe shorter and more compact, to make it easy to fit into a purse or pocket. Watch out! I see it in the future becoming the next new fad!

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Don't touch that door handle Printer Friendly Version
I can't even guess why I have never seen this next idea anywhere. I think it would be a great idea to install "wet nap" dispensers in all public restrooms right by the exit door.
The design of it can vary from individually wrapped wet naps to a pop-up dispenser, similar to how a tissue box works. You can grab one on your way out and clean your hands off after you wrap your freshly washed hads around the germ ridden door handle. Or even use it to grab the door handle. Imagine the passing of germs that this will help cut down on.

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