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Spray On Flexible Paper Preservative Printer Friendly Version
We have all had our wallets or clothes go through the wash or in the rain and have all of our paper documents destroyed by water smearing the ink, completely destroying the entire paper to shreads or some other paper versus water desruction. Much like lacquers that are used to preserve art work we could find a flexible version that would not smear ink and would keep them safe from water damage. A simple spray and alteration to the common lacquers we could find the right lacquer type formula to protect all of our documents from liquids indefinitely. Any kind of saturating preservative that is water resistant and can fully protect even the thickest paper.
Reward: Some samples. 

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Custom Foam Seats Printer Friendly Version
Recently, we had a lot of snow over here, and after some sledging and snowball-fighting, we all sank back-first into a huge pile of fluffy snow. Sitting there was just incredibly comfortable - the snow compressed and adapted just perfectly to the back and the spine. I could have sat there for hours (except for the cold).
This also reminded me of the way they make shoe lifts these days - you just step bare-footed into a box of soft foam, and a week later you have shoes that exactly fit your feet.
Add 1+1 and you start wondering why this system doesn't exist for furniture, in particular armchairs and couches. Just have them take a model of your stature, and get a perfectly comfortable armchair that is designed to fit YOU!
Reward: An armchair that fits me like a glove. 

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50 Year Hanging Calendar Printer Friendly Version
I hate to go out every year and have to pick out a new calandar! Why can't someone make one last for fifty years so that people like me can hang them on the wall and when they drag you out dead in fifty years they would find the only clean spot in your place would be behind your fifty year calandar. Why every year? Why a desk calendar?
I don't want a one year calandar and I don't think you can write on a desk calandar. Just make the pictures different for each month, make them good photos or drawings or paintings or suprise me with all of that stuff. I just need a place to write down birthday's, vacations, appointments, and everything else. If anything, make the calandar bigger so that I can write a whole lot of stuff on one day. I might actually be going to the Dentist on my Father's Birthday and I need more room on that Tuesday to write it down on. Of course you know that the day would be different every year but, we have ways of knowing that ahead of time, especially with my new and improved version of the over-sized fifty year hanging calandar.
Reward: Credit 

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