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Where are my glasses? Why can't I have a very small device with a hook (or other means of attachment) on it to put on my glasses, on my palm pilot, on my car keys, on my bottle of beer, etc. that will emit a shrill sound or flash a light after I dial some numbers on my cell phone?
Reward: The best reward would be that I would save so much time looking for this stuff! 

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P2P cell network Printer Friendly Version
Create a cell network whereby each cell phone "forwards" the call to the recipient. Example: I am location A and want to speak to my friend in location B, X miles away, let's say 10 miles. I call him/her and the cell phone transmission hops and skips through other users' idle phones until it finds my friend.
Network would take advantage of users whose phones are idle - on, but not in use - to transmit and amplify the calls. Each cell phone is connected to the network and is standing by to assist in passing voice/data to/from the two parties.
This could be very useful in developing countries and/or rural areas where range is necessarily limited and no cell phone provider is willing to provide service.
Reward: A piece of chocolate cake with ice cream and a candle. 

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Wireless Electricity Printer Friendly Version
I was reading a post by someone back in 2005 and some responses doubting the possibility of electric current flowing say for example from a phone charger to a phone. This is a revolutionary concept that researchers have already started working on and I have done some research on this and it is possible.
When two coils have electromagnetic fields with the same resonant frequency (product of induction of the coils and the capacitance plates attached to each end), current can flow from on coil to another or even from one coil to many coils. This is way different than radio ways, and as such reduces fears of people getting electricuted by the current. The current only flows between these mediums with electromagnetic forces around the coils and same frequency. In november 2007, some experiments were carried out by some researchers but they could only achieve electric transfers between devices about 7 feet apart. At least we know that the possiblity exists but we now need to improve on this technology to be able to leave your cell phone at home and still charge it a block away. This would mean a completely wireless world.
Please share your thoughts on this and lets improve our world.
Reward: partaking in any projects relating to this. 

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