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Increasing battery life Printer Friendly Version
The new MacBook Pros by Apple have LED screens, instead of the traditional LCD screen. LED screens consume much less power, therefore increasing battery life. How about doing the same for the mobile phones' screens?
In fact, why not changing ALL the screens in every electronic device to LEDs?
By the way, I posted another idea yesterday about kinetic wireless mouse for the computer, and I think it could be generalized to almost every kind of electronic device. I'll explain.
Some wrist watches have no battery, they just have a small electricity generator made out of a small moving magnet attached to a soneloid and a capacitor. I own one such watch. :-) They are generally known as "kinetic".
Why not use the same kind of electricity generator/accumulator for mobile phones, for wireless mice, for whatever that moves and consumes electricity. We humans move all the time, we should be taking advantage of all that motion to generate (environmental-friendly) electricity.
Reward: As a reward for these ideas I just want one item of each of these products, i.e., one "kinetic" self-charging mobile phone; one "kinetic" wireless mouse, etc. I guess it's only fair. :-) 

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Perfumed cellphone Printer Friendly Version
A perfumated cellphone is the future! We see today cellphones that are make of gold,of all kind of rare metals but where is the smell? The smell on a cellphone can be a lux like gold cellphone is a lux ;) I think that this idea is great: Many people who love roses can have their cellphone smell like roses or sick people can have the smell of camomille or mentos. Business people with smell of ADIDAS, BRUNO BANANI, AZARO. Or marijuana :) ...and talk dizzy :))
Reward: Invitation to live and work in USA 

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Remote Control in phone Printer Friendly Version
There are many many times that you are one the phone and need to decrease the TV volume or Sometimes you lost your remote OR "I love to do that" control the club TV or your friend house.
Other Application is you do not need to change buttery, you just use the cell phone inferred.
Also, sometimes you want to overcome your kids power and limit them while they got the remote in hand.
Reward: please let me know if you find that program in JAVA or write it so me and other people use. 

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