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Automatic Irrigator Valve Printer Friendly Version
There are many references in various electronic journals, design, or D-I-Y magazines to devices, which deliver water to plants based on monitoring the dryness of the surrounding soil.
All of them are electronic circuits, which require power for monitoring and power for the valve that delivers the water. The power has to be low voltage and available at the plant being watered.
The idea proposed now is to develop a non-electrical direct acting automatic irrigator, which can be attached to any drip irrigation system, or even any water pipe.
There are many polymers and polymer gels some of which are humidity sensitive. Choose one, which is not bio-degradable and changes volume with humidity. Make a low pressure valve with a rod made of this polymer attached to the valve seat. Bury this part of the valve at the place moisture has to be monitored.
On drying, the rod contracts letting out water. On hydration, the rod expands sealing off the water.
Reward: Greener Plants 

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Solar Sphero Plow Printer Friendly Version
Hows this for an idea - a small metal ball (maybe 1' x 1') with spikes (2-7" each) to plow your yard for you (think of the agricultural purposes!) that runs off of solar energy! You can put a chip into it that makes it run for a certain distance (say, 100 meters), turn about a foot, and come back, then repeat until you use a remote to click it off! You can even put seeds in a container inside and have it automatically plant them at whatever distance you tell it to (retractable/extendable spikes?) I know NOTHING about agriculture, this is something I thought of for a history project! Whatcha think, is it doable?
Reward: As many Solar Sphero Plows as you can afford to give me, and any other agricultural tools you make from this! Or a lifetime supply of bagels. 

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your mom
Automatic helpers Printer Friendly Version
Ever been out in the extreme cold, or heat for that matter, mowing the grass, or picking leaves, well, there is a good solution now. Simply install an already manufactured system that allows you to drive your mower from the comfort of your home. Or get a machine with the system built into it. Simply use a remote; with various functions to drive the machine.
And how about this, installing your christmas tree is always a pain in you know where; cuz if you don't, well. Anyway, why not get a self powered christmas tree, this tree would expand or contract at the push of a button. It would turn on automatically when measuring daylight conditions, or simply set the hour. And with a little thought, and with some developed laser technology, you would not have to worry about getting accessories for your tree. Such would be holograms. And then you would have a lot more leisure time.
Reward: One of the inventions mentioned above 

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