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Interactive historical map Printer Friendly Version
I have always been fascinated by History. I love the stories of kings and empires. I have checked a few sites on web. Lots of individual maps are available depicting the empires of different kingdoms at various points of time. Some are very small while some even depict the whole world. There are few websites focused on timelines about one thing or another. For eg, facebook has its own timeline of posts.
My crazy idea is to combine these two beautiful technologies. To elaborate, what if we use a highly interactive map like google map and give the user ability not to just navigate to different locations but to navigate to different locations on different timeline. For that, just as there is a zoom in/out option, we would create a time up/down option. In this way, user would be able to check out how our earth looked at a various point of time. There are unlimited possibilities to use such a canvas to carry out highly valuable researches. I would love to know how you feel about it.

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Video Ancestry Website Additive Printer Friendly Version
The future is most likely to gravitate away from DNA and worded sites if they could tap a website that permanently preserved a digital mark which we all know is never going away.
Digital video a set of questions that pop up and keep it short and pertinent then, we would all look for a decent place on the Web for future families to join, pay, and download your ancestor's video in one place. You could simply add the family tree, DNA, and an audio/video site all collaborating for the same eternal spot in one Website.
I would use the last 10 seconds of my video-taped self to say "Beam me up, Scotty!"
Reward: Too keep my elders closer to heart... 

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Andre Kim
 South Korea
The Mind Map Search Engine Printer Friendly Version
The current search engine is quite bothersome. When searching for a particular subject, the results will not appear in one screen, rather, in many different pages in different categories, such as websites, images, and videos. So when we want to search for a particular subject, no matter what form it is in, either an image or a website, we have to continuously click on the categories that opens up a new page, and endlessly scroll down until we find the preferable result.
To fix this nuisance, the search engine should be designed like a mind-map. Each category will take form of a bubble. The main bubble, on the middle, will have the most relevant results from all categories and the connected sub-bubbles will have results of specific categories, such as websites, images, and videos. So, instead of continuously scrolling down and clicking on a new page, the results will all fit in one screen, making it easier for us to find our results.

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