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Background noise internet radio Printer Friendly Version
Streaming radios of different varieties of background noise to be used in the office, home, or busines to create different moods. Rather than using CD's a much richer variety of sounds could be offered through a website. Some examples: natural sounds (beach, forest, wind in trees, rain); Urban sounds (traffic, sidewalk, restaurant, bar), Animals (birds, barnyard, wolves, insects), White noise (different frequencies), mechanical (bicycle, motor, water-wheel, fountain). Ads would be visual only, users could upload their favorite loops.
Reward: Recognition on the site for the idea...and unlimited use of it in my office! 

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Web Site Printer Friendly Version
Idea being is to make People Technologically Emotional. Can be a WebSite with a main feature of "ALL EXPRESSIVE ICON, ANIMATIONS or anything that relates People Mood, feelings and emotions"
Reason 2 have : For 2006, People in US sent such imotions of all kind worth of 24 Million $$s

Scope : There are many sites on NET but no one has extensive collection of Pictorial or Animated Expressions.
Professional now want to use such "ICONS" for their routines...

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Domains For Sale  Printer Friendly Version
Domains names can be registered for varying periods of time - 1 year, 2 years or 10 years. When the registration period expires, the original owner can re-register it or failing that it enters the public domain where it is then sold on a first come, first served basis. Many sites cater for this expired domain market, which indicates that there is a huge demand for them.
For somebody whose name was about to expire and who had been unable to sell it on some form of return, however small that might be would probably be welcome. A site could therefore be set up dedicated to selling names whose registration had 2 months or less to run. The names could be sold on a sliding scale basis, starting at $50 for 8 weeks to go and reducing by $5 for every week thereafter.
A ready market would exist for both buyer and seller. The buyer would gain a name very cheaply before it enters the public domain whilst the seller would salvage something from his original investment. Profits from the site could be derived from advertising revenues or from charging a small fee for each transaction. I am unaware that any company is providing this service.
Reward: Donate some or all of your profits to charity 

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