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Personalized Form Fitting Condoms Printer Friendly Version
You can buy kits to match your genitalia (Male or Female) then send that molded part into a company to form fit the condoms that perfectly match your sex organ or genitalia. This way you can have better relations and safer sex. More sensitivity and greater pleasure. Less chance of disease and preganancy from acidental misuse. It does proper condom usage for you. It wont fall off or stretch or break. You could order in bulk with discreet home delivery.
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Automatic Pub Printer Friendly Version
There are several European countries (Ireland, Norway) where you're not allowed to smoke in public bars. However, the law isn't explicitly against smoking in bars, it just says that smoking at the work place is prohibited - and bars are the working places of bar tenders and waiters.
The obvious solution would be to create automatic bars - places where nobody works and you can buy the beer by tossing coins into a slot machine. Or put the barmaids into a plexiglass box where they can breathe fresh air while their customers can smoke. The glass box would have a "beergate" so they could pass out beer without having to breathe the same air.
Reward: Free beer at the pubs 

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Hurricane Timeshares Printer Friendly Version
Living in hurricane country we've always got to know what we're going to do when a hurricane comes. For a lot of people that means run like hell. Seems like sticking around would be a lot easier if you could do it safely. That's where this idea comes in. There are several companies in this area who have had the foresight to build their headquarters so they were strong enough to easily withstand a category 4 hurricane. They could make some extra money out of that fact by offering hurricane timeshares. The way it would work is simple - you agree to pay a 10-20 monthly membership fee to get a timeshare. In return, if a storm hits the company lets you stay in their building for the duration of the storm. That would save you the trouble of taking your chances on the road or spending a couple of miserable nights in a school shelter. Membership rates could be increased for those who wanted the company to store a personal supply of water and whatever onsite for them. I'd sign up for a timeshare like this. There are probably a lot of companies that would even pay for the memberships on behalf of their key people so those people would stick around and help get the company get back up on its feet faster. Hospitals should definitely do it for the staff and their family members to keep them around.
Other regions where temporary disaster strike could also offer this kind of timeshare.

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