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Paul R. Belleau
Holographic Billboard Printer Friendly Version
Billboards become holographic projections. Starts with a holographic projector on the ground pointing upwards. Ad is loaded on disk and placed in projector. Ad can move, rotate in 3-D. And when paid ad time is over, the projector turns off and people can look at the surrounding scenery.
Reward: I get to concept some of the ads for new holographic billboards. 

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Ben Wilder
Cooking Class Meets The Chef's Market Printer Friendly Version
Lately I have become very disinterested with cooking the same foods all the time, but I don't have the experience to pick out the right ingredients or the time to learn how to make great exciting food. I know I'm not the only one to experience this clumsy feeling towards experimentation in the kitchen. If there were only a store that could inspire me to cook extraordinary food while giving me good advice.
Enter CHEF COACH, the full-service cooking supply store for the amateur where you can shop for meals, get culinary advice or have all your ingredients picked out and pre-prepared for you in a read-o-cook package. All you have to do is take it home and follow the quick & easy directions. Your friends will think that you have spent all day preparing.
Don't have the right equipment? - Chef Coach is a full-service cooking supply store, providing you with access to every piece of equipment you will need to make your culinary masterpiece, including rental of anything from preparation to presentation. WE WILL DELIVER and PICK UP! Leave the dish washing to us!
Afraid of screwing up the meal? - You can have a certified chef assist you in cooking all or part of the meal in the cooking section of the market, allowing you to participate, practice your skills, and receive coaching.
Reward: Make a store in Boston and get me some free passes. 

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Jan Sokol
Head Banger's Wig Rental Printer Friendly Version
Hey, I just recently had a haircut, and I enjoyed it very much until I went out in the evening. "Damn!", I said to myself, "listen to this wonderful music. It will probably take months until I can do some proper head banging again!" - So suddenly, I got the idea that they should rent wigs for head bangers at the clubs and discos. They could earn some extra money, and it would certainly be a lot of fun!
Reward: Let me rent those wigs for free, and make sure that there are no lice in them. §-) 

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