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World Problem Solving Agency Printer Friendly Version
If everyone on the planet who can afford to give to a World Donation Program once a year then, we could end all problems. We would set up one conglomerant of foundations and donation Companies and save tons on advertising and form a board overseeing the distribution of funds to the needy here and around the world in attempt to help cure and treat cancer, hunger, handicapped and all things we think about but never do anything about it.
If we had this conglomeration it would be Worldly accreditted and recognized and we all know why we don't donate, it is because it is troublesome. If we have people coming to our homes or having self addressed stamped return envelopes and all they ask for wass one dollar, we would all donate. Or at least I know I would.
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Using wasted heat Printer Friendly Version
Anything that has a radiator is blowing off heat and wasting energy doing so. So why not use it to heat up NaOH which will remove the oxygen from it. This leaves you with NaH which when allowed to react with water creates hydrogen. Then you can use the leftover NaOH to do the same path again.
The idea of using NaOH to store hydrogen has been realised. They are called powerballs (http://www.powerball.net) but no concept of using the technology to capture all the energy we throw away through radiators on cars and such has not been used.
Just as a side note that people would probably wanna know about is the implementation of hydrogen onto diesel fueled vehicles as a combustion agent.
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International Spam Center/ Tribunal / Laws Printer Friendly Version
Since 99% of the spam messages we receive nowadays come from other countries, there are no possiblities of suing or doing something to take the spammers to the law.
Spam is now over the 60% of the email traffic in the world, it makes us waste HOURS of our lifes deleting stupid messages, and slows down the Internet speed worlwide. There should be an internantional organism, maybe United Nations dependant, where you could forward a spam message you receive and get involved legally against the spammer, no matter the country where he is located.
If such thing were enabled by our governments, in 10 days spam would be history.
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