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Entrepreneur's Business Park Printer Friendly Version
Every area has talented people. Skills all going to waste. Dying of loneliness. And lack of opportunity. In my experience, the only people who really benefit from the agencies set-up to help entrepreneurs, are the employees who mostly do very little to actually help alleviate their struggles.
So why not introduce a true enterprise zone to help bring enterprising people together. Government funded, industrial type building - you're allowed all kinds of styles in business parks! It could be a sort of theme park for adults, with places to crash out, bars that serve good food/drinks, IT stations, art studio facilities, noticeboards, keep fit equipment including fun stuff like swings, a gym for people to play ball games etc., and most importantly, a large conference suite so that council members or big business can consult the brainy bods!
Surround the place with loads of trees, flowers. Create enough parking (could be underground). Maybe charge members an annual fee, reimburseable if they make a good contribution to help run the place efficiently/cost effectively.
For ambience, try using weatherboarding on the floor - nail down and sand the panels, apply paint/varnish! Cheap, effective, hard-wearing. Don't make ceilings too high or problems keeping place warm. Could show educational films relating to art/craft/design. Hold seminars about whatever people are interested in, e.g. tackling poverty... Could run a store re-using waste paper etc. There's so much potential, the mind boggles!
Reward: Just make it happen! Invite me along to my local think tank. That would more than suffice. 

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Modernise the UK political system Printer Friendly Version
I am very tired of the political system in the UK. We get sick of the Conservatives, so we vote for Labour. We get sick of Labour, so we get the er-um Conservatives again. And millions of people SCREAM silently into their cups of tea. Nothing ever changes. Especially not the parties, who reap the rewards for just sitting, whilst making (invariably) terribly lousy decisions that affect everybodies lives, often drastically. Isn't it time we had a fairer system? More parties to choose from, with people who could get into power when the public vote for them?
Reward: Aha! Richer and happier by far we could all be. 

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New houses to have solar panels by law Printer Friendly Version
The government should pass a law that all new houses must be fitted with solar panels. Costs (typically $3000 or £2000) would be split by the buyer and the house builder. Benefits to the environment would be massive. Imagine whole new housing estates with solar panels on the roofs, net contributors to the country's energy supply.
Reward: Free solar panels 

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