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conner c. cole
Adventure sunglasses that stay Printer Friendly Version
I have some ideas on sports sunglasses, made specifically for the adventure racers. They would be used by rock climbers, eco-challengers, obstacle coursers, etc.
They are somewhat like goggles, except without the tight feeling around the head. The tightness could be adjusted just before entering any water. The lenses have a UV protection agent to them.
Draw-back - wear and tear. Due to the type of sport done, the sun glasses may not make but one trip, but then what sunglasses make the whole trip without a scratch or two. - Like scars, shows you finished more than strong.
Reward: my name mentioned as creator somewhere to where I could point and show I made that. Some mention at a website or something would be cool. 

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 United Kingdom
Force Triggered Vertical Shoe Printer Friendly Version
The fact is everyone who plays basketball dreams of dunking a ball.
The shoe compromises of a special force triggered spring mechanism which contracts right after activation.
How do you activate it?
When we jump, the force we apply towards the ground is much harder than when we are running or moving about. If you look at MJ when he takes off, he literally slams his foot into the ground, that force downwards allows him to go upwards. So when you slam your foot onto the ground, the device picks it up, and releases a springing action similar to how a mouse trap is activated. The timing of the ejection and contraction action is so powerful that the shoe is back to normal even before you land.
This should be able to increase your vertical by a good 12-15 inches. Block shots, rebound, dunk..you name it..just jump like you normally do and naturally it causes a mild slam on the ground..(it'll take some practice on the thing).
The device will be a compact mechanism built into the front section of the shoe where most people use to jump. (I hope you dont jump with your heels.)
Oh yeah...careful not to slam your foot on the ground if you miss a shot.
Reward: NBA will get more interesting, Yao Ming could jump higher, MJ could make a come back, send me a pair. Oh yeah, probably new world records in long and high jump. :) 

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Wheelwalkers Printer Friendly Version
"No rollerblades in store". But what if you could quickly slip a walking pad onto the wheels of your rollerblades, and negotiate any store, stairs, gravel, etc. Borrowing the design from the skate guards used forever on ice skates, this could save the need for slinging shoes over your shoulder, not to mention a lot of time. The design of "Wheelwalkers" would have to have an angled base so that you could still manage the walking motion in the boot shell of the blades.
Reward: I need new rollerblades (size 14 wide), and wheelwalkers to go with them. 

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