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Helium Back Pack Printer Friendly Version
Alot of people these days back pack all over the world and tons of people join camping expeditions and challenges such as eco challenge which require you to carry your ten tonned bag pack all over the country. This can be energy comsuming.
Here's an idea i thought about. Attach a mini helium baloon on the top of the bag pack. The force of the baloon going upwards will help lighten the weight of the bag pack. The bigger the baloon, the more weight it will take off.
Only problem is that you'll need to carry gas tanks around to fuel the balloon. I also thought of creating a back pack with pockets which are filled with compressed helium maybe it'll help? If left unattended... their back pack may end up in another country.
Any ideas anyone??
Reward: Thousands of campers and outdoor people all over the world will buy this product. It will help them go further. last longer. 

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Tailgating oasis Printer Friendly Version
Here in the US before football (not soccer) games, people "tailgate". It's basically barbecuing and drinking in the parking lot of the stadium. People generally bring all of their gear with them. My idea would be to design tailgating oases, where this activity would be encouraged. I imagine an area approximately 30 feet by 40 feet with a couple of trees/landscaping a barbecue grill, tap water, a picnic bench, a coin operated electrical outlet (for music) for each tailgating oasis. These would be located in a pattern to break up the parking lot so that it would be more human-scaled and attractive.
Reward: I'd like a stadium with the tailgating oases to be renamed Bluecube Stadium. 

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New Sport - Snow Biking Printer Friendly Version
This sport consists of 2-4 people. You must play it at the time in the year where there is still snow on the ground yet it is nice enough for you to bike. The object of this game is to hit the person on the bike with a snowball just as he zooms by you as fast as he can go. The biker is only wearing shorts and a t-shirt so he really doesn't want to get hit. 100 points if you hit the head, 50 for the bare arm, 50 for bare leg, anywhere on the bike is 25 points, and anywhere else is 10 points. You must get to 500 points to win. The person on the bike will bike past the man with the snowball 3 times before they switch, the man on the bike becomes the man throwing the snowballs and the guy with the snowballs now rides the bike. Trust me! this is really fun, me and a friend invented it and played it last march, it was really fun.
Reward: Snow Biking Tournament 

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