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Antonin Prohaska
 Czech Republic
Soccer Fan Passport Printer Friendly Version
European soccer fans are not allowed to drink beer during most international games. The reason is that some hooligans are known to react aggressively on alcohol. So, as always, the majority gets punished because of a few idiots. As a Czech citizen, I enjoy drinking beer with a good soccer match, and I stay very relaxed and peaceful after that. My idea is that the European Football Association should issue official beer drinker's passports for soccer fans, attesting how they react on alcohol. (This passport should be voluntary, of course!) If your passport certifies that you are a peaceful beer-drinker, you get to buy beer at European stadiums.
Reward: Free beer or free match tickets, whichever is more convenient. 

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Stefan Micke
Stopper for Carving Skis Printer Friendly Version
Those who enjoy carving skiing might have already noticed this little problem: Carving without skiing poles can be a lot of fun, but as soon as you line up for the ski-lift, getting ahead can become really hazardous. Things are worse on an uneven surface; once your skis start following gravity, there's not much you can do against it (unless you find someone to hold on to). I am still waiting for an invention to prevent carving skis from moving when you don't want them to. Quite logically, such an invention would need a security mechanism to keep it from deploying while skiing.
Reward: Free stoppers for my family and free lifetime-replacement. 

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