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Luke Krafft
Massive skate park for road bicycles Printer Friendly Version
I am always on the lookout for natural half pipes: streets that go down a steep hill and then straight back up another hill. For roadboarding and bicycling, it's my favorite; going up and down, up and down, with minimal effort.
So the idea is to build a massive park, initially one half pipe, that was maybe 100 feet long, 30 feet high. I don't know the physics, but you get the idea, insane speed. Not neccesarily going airborn, just tracing beautiful weightless arcs, 25 feet up, on a well tuned racing
Analogues of all the various ramps, bowls, rails, jumps, existing in skateparks could be made. And many vehicles could be used, go-karts, road boards, dirt bikes, sleds... The idea could be extended further, skate parks for cars, and that's probably far enough.
A cheap alternative would be for someone to start a website mapping natural half pipes. I know of a lot of mediocre ones, and one ok one in Richland Washington...
Reward: if someone finds a couple acres and some big money for concrete and earth moving equip rentals, I'll get the volunteers together for the labor, and we will all die happy. 

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Floating Fishing Poles Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever dropped a two hundred dollar fishing pole and it went three hundred feet straight to the bottom of the lake or Ocean?
Well, if that pole floated then you could just pick it back up without having to stop your vacation to go back to the fishing shop and spend your hard earned money on some cheap imitation of what you had all your life or one your family heirloom handed down throughout the years. If the pole floated with an inner core of floating foam or an attachment you could add to your existing pole placed out of the way near the reel, then you could keep the best and most expensive pole for life with out ever again worrying about losing it ever!
Reward: Free floating poles for the whole family. 

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Electrobreather for diving Printer Friendly Version
Beauty [of] under sea can enjoy variously. One of them with scuba diving. One of [the] equipments of scuba is containing tube [of] air, used to breathe underwater. Diver has to go out to surface when supply of air has almost [used up/finished]. I have an idea which early from how fish breathe. They take underwater dissolve oxygen with gill, but after some data collecting, in the reality the amount of dissolve oxygen in water is very small, so that fall short need of human being to breathe.
Later, then my idea come after seeing the chemical structure of water that is H2O, where there are oxygen element and hydrogen. Human beings breathe with composition 75 % of nitrogen and 15 % oxygen and the rest is other gas. Since Nitrogen only circulating in our body, we don’t have to add the amount of that gas... what we need to breathe is only oxygen. I have an idea to produce the oxygen from electrolysis process. In that process water is divided into hydrogen and oxygen. Take the oxygen and keep in the reservoir tube and release on the amount that adjust from our breathing rhyme at the same time as the nitrogen circulate. The released CO2 nor thrown off hand, I use the way of Rebreather which is able to process again CO2 become O2. So that people can dive with unlimited time. Question hereinafter is do human being can stay underwater prolonging. This idea can be developed to become a town below/under air... where at one time continent have been fulled by human being.

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