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Television playing sound without video Printer Friendly Version
In computer if we want to hear music but don't want to switch on the monitor we usually switch off the monitor. This reduces the power consumption. Why similar idea is not introduced in television?
For example if u want to hear only songs which are played in mtv or channel v and don't want to see the video of the song then we can use this idea. For implementing this idea there should be a button in remote controller. By pressing the button the power supply should be there to the television other than picture tube. By this means we can reduce the power consumed.
Reward: marketing manager of the company using this idea (as I am a mba student from top university of India) or television with this capability. 

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Wireless Broadcasting of TV channels Printer Friendly Version
Why not have a TV receiver that can simultaneously translate up to 20 channels and send them wirelessly AKA broadcast them to the other TV's in the home. Room A wants to watch channel 2. Room A tunes their TV to channel 2 and the TV transmits to the receiver telling it to broadcast channel 2, therefore allowing the TVs in any room to receive channel 2. Up to 20 different TVs could tell the receiver to transmit a different channel. This would allow the simultaneous recording/watching of up to 20 channels in different rooms.
In addition allow any one TV to ask the receiver for up to five channels (for viewing and for recording), allowing you to record four channels simultaneously while being free to watch your TV program in real time all on one TV set.
If four TVs were each recording their max. of four unique channels and each of the four were displaying a unique program in real time, this would mean the receiver was broadcasting its maximum 20 unique channels.
Do I watch too much TV? No, but all the good stuff is on at the same time!
Reward: Recognition for the idea 

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Television with a caution alarm Printer Friendly Version
It is normally seen in many households (at least in my household) that older people (sometimes we youngsters) tend to go asleep while watching television. So we can have a television set which gives a message, every 1 hour or 40 minutes, indicating that the television set is ON. Mind you! This message has to be a voice message, which can be easily installed in a television set.
Example of a voice message: "Your television set is on!" if possible indicating the time.

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