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Flat 3D Screen Printer Friendly Version
I was just thinking about the future of Flat Screen TV's. Understanding that more screens are being made out of plastic emulsions gave me an interesting idea.
Most of us understand the concept of a LCD clock that you see through. Well if you filled the clock with color dots this would create a very thin color TV. About the size and weight of two pieces of paper. The problem is it would have to work one-hundred percent of the time. Otherwise you would begin to see through the screen.
3D: Now place a 20 or 30 screens, behind that screen. Not a redundancy system, but a 3D system. Pictures would transfer themselves from screen to screen. Pictures would seem to jump forth just like in the movies, but without the glasses. Way Cool!
Reward: Product of course, and a state of the art sound system; 7.1, and a vibrating couch. 

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A Lighter Flat Screen TV Printer Friendly Version
What about making Flat Screen TV's flatter by putting all of the unessacary components inside another box, that could be hidden somewhere, and then the TV would just be speakers, the lcd screen and the buttons, and it will have wires running to the other box that does all that other stuff or it could be wireless, either way would be good.

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"Two angles - two programs" TV screen Printer Friendly Version
I wonder why so many ideas are about inventing the perfect TV...
Anyway, here's another one. ;) You probably know those postcards where you can flip the card and suddenly you see a different image. I've also seem money machines where the screen will turn black when you're standing just a few degrees away from the center of the screen.
Why not combine both, and invent a TV screen that will show two or even three different programs depending on your viewing angle?
Ever noticed that when you go to a pub to watch football, there are only men watching? Solve the problem by showing the shopping channel or the Chippendales on the same screen, just from a diffent angle. Ever had discussions in your family about what program to watch? No big deal! The smaller kids (who are sitting on the floor) can watch Disney, while mom (or dad), who is busy ironing, can see her favorite soap opera on the same screen.
Reward: Such a TV for free. 

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