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Magnetic Cars Printer Friendly Version
I have this idea of creating a car which is ecologically friendly. I have this idea of creating a car that runs with the help of electric magnets. The ring pistons are made up of magnets which will be connected to the came shaft, but instead of having valves for fuel injection, we can use an electric magnet which when provided electricity will provide enough magnetism to push the piston down as they will be of same polarity. This will result in the spinning of the cam shaft and thus the car will move. We can also connect a generator with wheels instead of a cam shaft that the faster the car runs the more electricity it will provide to charge the battery.
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Cars Printer Friendly Version
I know that in every car there is a center console and it's useful for small storage. Well, I think we all would like a safe place to put our important things, especially for the majority of us who drive and for those who travel. I think of the center console as a safe, so why not build it to make it more secure? Have an alarm to lock it in it's place so that no one can break into it. Of course, the car would have to be some what computerized. Also, there should be an alarm for the car to lock the tires so that no one steals the car. Lets suppose a person is out in a neighborhood that's not so friendy and that person is worried for his or her car. Well this alaram would send a signal to a the cars mini computer to lock the car and shut it down. A quick review, the alaram sends a signal to the cars computer, locks the center console, and locks all four tires in place making it impossible for someone to steal the tires and the car! Not even a push on nuetral can do the job. I think this is very convenient for everyone people can try to break the windowns but they won't be able to move the car from it's place.

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Hybrid highways Printer Friendly Version
My idea is simple, use our highways to generate electricity using telsa coils towers. Nikola tesla has done the research, now its time to put it into play.
It has been proven that electrical energy can be progated around the world, between the surface of the earths sphere at extreme low frequencies. In what is known as the schumann cavity. So the concept is to place the tesla coil towers along side these hybrid highways, but because the schumann cavity surrounds the earth between ground level and extends upward to a maximum of 80 kilometers, you can have hybrid highways in detroit generating electricity for cars, houses, and buniness world-wide and locally.

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