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Lifting gasses increase truck capacity Printer Friendly Version
We have a large number of trucks on the road that have wind diverters on the roof to make the aerodynamics of the truck better when pulling a tall trailer. Why not put a large balloon of a lifting gas (i.e. helium) in that empty space this would permanrntly be lifting up on the tractor reducing the weight but not the aerodynamics, therefore reducing the ammount of fuel required to move the load when moving uphill and reducing the load on the brakes when travelling downhill. This method would also be suitable for use in cranes and other lifting jobs.
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Highway Safety Warning System Printer Friendly Version
The idea is to put a warning system onto cars to warn others behind of a potential accident or bad road conditions ahead.
The basic idea is to have a set of high intensity flashers integrated on the roofs of cars which are connected to the cars ABS (Antilock Braking System). These lights flash repeatedly when ABS comes into play, warning cars up to a few miles behind.
The idea can be further developed by the ABS sending an FM warning or a Mobile alert to cars within a 2-3 mile radius of a possible accident or icey/slippery conditions in the direction concerned (lets say the car sending out the warning is travelling North).
The ABS can determine the type of braking (normal but heavy braking, braking due to ice, snow, sand, oil etc) and send the appropriate warning.
Cars moving in the opposite direction would also recieve the warning but the direction would help them figure out if its applicable to them or not. This signal could also alert the emergency services and end up saving a lot of lives.
Reward: A car with this feature would be fantastic. 

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Closed Auto Outer Sound Device Printer Friendly Version
People can easily drive more safely with the windows down and many do mainly due to the fact that there is no barrier between their senses and the outside world. Most people keep their windows up and most have a good reason - like road debris, weather, or air and exaust quality being too bad to let in. Also bugs (imagine bees on the freeway) and other things we want to keep out.
But if we can keep our windows up and still have all of the sounds of the outside world (wind, road noise, people, emergency sirens, your tires, the engine, other vehicles, etc.) then we have an extra advantage to our driving ability. I propose we strategically place microphones in key areas outside the vehicle and we can turn the outside world of sound on and off at the flick of a simple switch. With the added sense of sound from all the important areas outside the auto we can use our eyes and ears to determine all things even without the use of our other senses. We could hear the engine knock before it breaks down and save the car engine by pulling over, or hear the tire going flat and avoid a car wreck.
Reward: Just to see safer driving and people respecting others while they drive. 

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