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Steam Assist RV Printer Friendly Version
Using the cruise control on existing Class A RVs, install a small steam engine (fueled via an on-board propane tank) to improve gas mileage at speeds above 45 mph.

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Enviroment Activated Power Windows Printer Friendly Version
Ever had an occurrence where you forgot to roll up your car's power windows and the interior of the car got completely drenched after a rain storm? Or perhaps you didn't crack open the power windows while parked during a fiery heat wave and object to getting in your car. Worst yet, your pet was left there and is getting roasted.
For these, and a whole lot of other scenarios, it would be nice to have the car's body computer automatically activate the power windows. Many newer cars already have a rain sensor, an external (or internal) temperature sensor, and a multitude of other sensor which can enhance the system. So in one case the rain detector senses the rain and informs the body computer to roll up the power windows. will automatically roll up the power windows. These features would be enabled with the computerized interface available on many newer cars. And in a not too distant future with internet-enabled car, you will be able to control and check the status of these features.

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Safe Driving for Everybody Printer Friendly Version
I have a idea we can all benefit from. I know a lot of you speed demons out there will not agree with me, but I also know a lot of parents and concerned drivers will.
I think there should be a computer-based GPS installed on every new car which will act like a stutter box or a restrictor. When you crank your car, the box turns on and connects with a satellite, tracking your GPS location. Then, the satellite sends information back to the box letting it know the speed limit for the road you are currently on. Now that the car knows what the speed limit is, it won't allow you to accelerate over that speed. In case of emergency, the box will deactivate if you turn on your emergency lights, however it will also signal police and rescue dispatch that there is a speeding car with your car type and color, heading north, east, south, west or whatever direction you are heading, the road you are traveling on, and how much over the speed limit you are driving.
Reward: Just to be recognized for the safety of others. I would also want the first car with these features, as a gift of gratitude. 

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