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Wireless Backup for increased Air Safety Printer Friendly Version
With all this wireless technology why aren't all systems on air craft ie. rudder, ailerons etc. connected wirelessly so just in case of fire and loss of other control systems this back up could save the day.
Reward: free flight 

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Train accident not train wreck Printer Friendly Version
Trains are an achievement of transportation economics of scale. Why not implement safety devices in it as well?
Everyone knows what total wrecks colliding trains become. The focus of blame and/or responsibility to avoid this catastrophe, has solely been on concise scheduling and line coordination of the railways network. Why not boost the odds in favour of less catastrophic results and concern for accidents/mishaps occuring?
Here's how :
Pass an international law AND create a "railcar/caboose" to ALWAYS be placed at the end of a train AND immediately after the locomotive(s), with the sole purpose of ABSORBING or at least CUSHIONING the forces of impact! I have roughly designed such a railcar using impact absorbing technologies already available in the public domain. All it needs is further verification/testing towards specific design and technologies. Sounds right? Tell me!
Reward: Pilot Project deployed in Indonesia. Device named in my honour. That's fine! 

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Vaccum Transport Printer Friendly Version
My idea would be to create underground or over ground tubes that would be used as a transport. The idea would be to take individual capsules, where the occupant lies down. Then place them into the vaccum tube and shoot them to their destination.
Since only having one person per tube is uneconomical (it would take a large amount of energy to vaccum out a tube for one person) I would say that the tube would have intervals for travel, about every 10 minutes or so. The people who pay the fee get placed in a capsule, put into the tube, then another person is placed into a capsule, etc. etc. for about 10 max capsules per tube. The end of the tube is shut, and vaccumed out, sucking the occupants to their destination rather quickly.
This would be useful for mining openerations, undersea labs and living, quick travel (with miles of tube, or maybe cross city to cross states tubes) and other things. Or, for quick underground travel, which is economical, take massive tubes, then take a huge capsule, which is like a monorail or subway train (where occupants can stand or sit) which seats about 20-70 or more, then vaccum it out. This idea wold also stop pollution. Just think of all the regular commuters who cold use this instead of dirty cars.
Reward: Credit for the idea; A full working system for my home and anyplace i would ike to set up a return (like a workplace or school) 

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