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Airplane evacuation mechanism Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever asked yourself why there are no parachutes (or not enough for all passangers) in civil airplanes for emergency situations?
Well I have, but the only reason I found is that they are too heavy and take cargo space. Is it plausible to parachute 100 people in case of emergency?
What if there is a mechanism to parachute all passangers in their seats through the back of the plain. The seats should be similar with fighter pilot's seats with an incorporated parachute.
I do not know what is the amount of casualties from plane crashes, but there might be justifications for this mechanism to be implemented in future planes.
Reward: Safe airlines :) 

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Rent a Cop Printer Friendly Version
Where are the police when you see a traffic violation? Nowhere, that's where.
I propose the provincial/state governments create a course for the above average driver (someone with the maximum amount of merits on their license) to take to learn the basics of vehicle trafficing and violations.
Once the civilian has passed the course, s/he could be licenced in thier city and province/state and allowed to pull over and ticket other civilian offenders.
This system could be based on comission renumeration only so that the government pays a small percentage fee based on the ticket.
It's a win-win situation. The civilian makes money and the government makes more money as they are catching more motorists break the law, than they would have due to insufficient policing of traffic. Also, they could charge money for teaching the registered course.
Reward: I'd love to see this in effect anywhere! No reward needed at the streets would be safer for everyone! 

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Sealed Floating Wheel Axle System Printer Friendly Version
Sealed pressurized fluid encasing a floating disk attached to an axle that goes through the center of the disk and attaches to the wheel on the outside of the encasing. The disk is made of a material that easily floats and can contain air or air pockets and the pressurized liquid surrounding the disk forces it to the center where the disk encounters friction only by the liquid that it floats in where the viscosity and pressure are the only factors for friction which defeats the friction of ball bearings and increases efficiency of movement of whatever the axle is attached to. The disk in the center of the liquid never touches the sides of the encasing or containment vessel it is floating in because of the equalibrium of pressure. The only thing touching the disk is the axle. The inner contained, sealed disk basically floats like styrofoam in water.
This system will provide skates, wheels, or anything that can use this system with less friction than ball bearings or other mechanical type parts.
Reward: Credit 

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