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Songplayer/writer conversion software Printer Friendly Version
This product is a type of software built into your average keyboard. Basically, whenever a musician comes up with a tune/song in their heads, instead of writing it down manually, they can select a tempo on their keyboard (indicated by the screen, and by the sound of a chosen type of percussion), select record, and then after a 10 second count, the musician will begin playing their piece. Once finished, the musician presses stop. Then a floppy disk may be removed from the keyboard and inserted to a computer. The finished piece will be ready in music theory notation (like regular sheet music), and can be printed out.
Reward: The product. 

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Six Degrees of Computation Printer Friendly Version
This idea would require a simple computer program that displayed a screen asking 3 questions -
1. What equation/formula are you interested in?
2. What constant do you want replaced?
3. How many degrees of separation do you want?
After you answer the questions the program would search a database that had been pre-loaded with as many standard equations / formulae as possible (engineering books are full of them) looking for ones that said the chosen constant equaled something else. The first equation it found would then be used as a replacement value in the formula you chose. This is the first degree of separation. Next, each constant in the replacement value would be substituted with equivalent equations found for them. The second degree of separation. The process would continue until you got the number of degrees of separation you asked for and then the result would be displayed. Some new and surprising connections will be sure to come up because the program will be acting like a divergent thinker (someone who can take two ideas from seemingly unconnected disciplines to form a new idea).
The following two rules would have to be enforced in order to make this program work -
1. Each constant must always mean the same thing: m=mass, c=speed of light, etc.
2. No replacement formula could have a constant that was used in a previous formula (to prevent recursive logic).

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Detective/Police case pool Printer Friendly Version
The creation of a large site containing past cases and official log in for police detectives who want to solve crimes.
International setup:
A library of information regarding deductive and inductive methods for solving crimes and an experts forum and email system that helps detectives find the right answers from more educated and/or more experienced and/or prooven record (famous - well known - respected) detectives.
(Maybe: A cross sectional reference system that matches modus apperendi, similarities in crimes and can track license plates or pass ports or border crossings and new immigrants.)
Special membership: firewall and security: for detectives and experts.
AND a public query line for amateurs and for those curious people who need a mystery solved.
Reward: free web site where I might try out HTML and storage for links, words and pics. 

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