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Immersive reality for Second Life Printer Friendly Version
Recent research has shown that a simulated out-of-body experience is easily induced by presenting a binocular view of another's surroundings to an observer (see reference 1 below). By presenting slightly different angles to the left and the right eye, a stereoscopic effect can be induced. Second life is a growing online community that would potentially be interested in immersive virtual reality, and there could be money to be made by enhancing their online experience. Using an infrared sensor similar to the Wii remote would provide head tracking to communicate with the software (see reference 2) in a more realistic way.
1. Binocular display
2. Infrared sensor for head movement tracking simlilar using Wii remote hack. (see reference 2)
1. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/02/health/02mind.html?scp=2&sq=mind&st=cse
2. http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/johnny_lee_demos_wii_remote_hacks.html

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Online social-workplace networking site Printer Friendly Version
I am thinking of starting an online social networking/workplace where people hire and work with professionals or individual service providers to get work done. Whether you are looking for professional contractors to fix your bathroom or college students to do your house work or that Mexican immigrant to build your drive way.
You could advertise on the site at no charge.
All the site will do is to link these two parties together and they decide where to meet up what rate they will pay also others looking for work can bid on projects advertised, after completion of transaction users can rate each other on the site.
Feedback please. I even a have a name for the site, I will call it www.rentasidekick.com

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Secure bank wireless HDD. Printer Friendly Version
It would be nice nowdays to have banks provide wireless HDD servies. (This may have already been accomplished). It's not that hard. Most of us have our prized possessions on our drives. Pictures, Movies, Documents, become our life. Some of us store, media, in the banks vault. But it's not that readily available. To have a wireless account to a banks HDD array would be great. Come in to the bank, transfer a few files to and throw, via secure wifi. And leave.
Reward: Service of course 

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