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Grannies and orphans Printer Friendly Version
There is a huge number of abandoned, bereaved, or simply lonely old people in Britain. There is a similar number of abandoned and bereaved children with no one to care about what happens to them. Could these two groups not be brought together? Perhaps in the same home? It seems to be a compassionate solution for many, with the added advantage of the possibility of some shared facilities and shared care.
Reward: if one shared home could happen and be successful... 

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Patricia M. Zirin
Recycling Momma! Printer Friendly Version
We are the richest nation in the world. Even in the poorest neighborhoods routinely people (and mainly women/mothers) discard clothing. This is as a result of cleaning out a closet or a child's dresser due to that child outgrowing their clothes. More often then not the lot of clothes is clean and in good repair. After all, it is coming straight from a closet or dresser. In stead of taking these things to a thrift store or shelter usually we are too busy so we just throw it away. The idea is to have people label these bags...red for women's clothes, blue for men's clothes, pink for girl and powder blue for boy--trite but effective. The trash bag with these clothes could be placed on the curb the day before trash pick up. If anyone can use them, they are free to pick up the entire bag. They can then take what they like, pass on the rest, take it to a thrift store or shelter or discard same.
Rules would be simple: Bags would have a size written in appropriate color. Bags put out for the recycle would contain only clean clothes in good repair. Pick up would be allowed only during day light hours. Pick up would not be allowed for picking through clothes on the street. The landfills would get a break and we would be passing on and sharing a huge resource. Our interdependence would be supported. This would require a grassroots effort. Note: even if these bags were regularly picked up by people using them to make a profit, it would be better served then going into the ground.
Reward: The knowing that the program is working. Please email me with ideas of how to make it work in your community. mailto:patriciazirin@comcast.net 

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rick praskac
Everyone knows someone Printer Friendly Version
I once was the procurement manager of an international relief agency... we got all types of FREE items to answer needs here in USA and in 3rd world.
It is easy to find companies which trash items others can use. one small letter yeilded nearly half a million dollars in used medical equipment-most of which worked just fine. Some needed repairs.
I'd like a pool of timely referrals from industry and the public to form a clearing house to facilitate this exchange.
Reward: seeing it work, helping it work 

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