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Jet Engine Energy Recycle Printer Friendly Version
The basic idea is to harness the energy created from the thrust of a commercial jet engine. You would place another turbine behind the main turbine that is propelling the jet forward, except this turbine will not be pushing it forward, instead it will be harnessing the energy created from the thrust of the main engine. As the main turbine is powered by the engine and is running, it creates a powerful stream of air that will turn the second turbine and still let the air flow through. It may lose a minuscule amount of thrust, so it will not make much of a difference in regards to power. Thus, as the second turbine turns, it will create energy that could be fed back into the plane to power anything, like possibly the electronics in the plane(A/C, lights, t.v., etc.).
Reward: Free travel on whatever airline uses this idea. 

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Radio Sports Commentaries Printer Friendly Version
Here’s what is probably a common experience for those who listen to broadcasts of sports events on the radio. You are happily listening to the commentary, when it is rudely interrupted by someone in the studio turning off the commentary and giving score updates from other matches. Now this is fine if you want to know those other scores, but it can be very irritating if you are concentrating on the match being broadcast.
Television solves this problem by visually displaying the score updates in print at the bottom of the screen. The viewer can choose to continue to watch and listen to the game being televised, or choose to read the score updates.
The challenge for radio is this. We need to invent a way of broadcasting the updates from other matches without disturbing the main commentary for those who wish to continue to listen to it. In effect we need to broadcast two conversations at once in such a way that listeners can easily understand whichever one they choose to listen to. If the score updates were given in a quiet and very different voice to the main commentary (eg by using a voice of the opposite sex) would that work? Perhaps the studio could use special computer programs to modify the sound of the sports updates so they would be maximally different to the voice of the main commentary. Or maybe there is some other solution to this problem.

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Keyboards with feedback Printer Friendly Version
One of the main obstacles during typing on flat keyboard is deficiency of tactile feedback. So my idea is that each key vibrates with different amplitude or frequency when it pressed and when not. Space between keys not vibrating at all. G and H keys on qwerty vibrate differently from other keys (or just have usual marks). It will allow to create slim keyboards without moving parts and with tactile feedback.
Also, this idea can be used in desktop keyboards with different rows of keys having
different "feel". and in waterproof silicone keyboards to actuate tactile feedback.
P.S. Probably it is possible to detect pressing event by change of frequency of free silicon crystal when finger is touching it therefore simplifying construction
Reward: example of product with signing of main engineer 

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