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Virtual shopping homework with your 3D image Printer Friendly Version
We have on-line shopping sites where you can see the products and place an order. When buying clothes we always spend sometime checking the fitting and matching the colours of tops with bottoms etc.. With that foreword I want to present my idea: My idea is to take a full-size image of a person and have software convert it into a reasonable 3D image (we can ask the user for some other parameters such as height, waist and other bio-stats).
Once this is done, as part of the one-time registration process, you are ready with a digital YOU. Next the software service enables you to try various brands of clothes available. It renders it more or less exactly as it would look if you wear it. It also takes care to show the sag in the shirt if you choose a shirt of bigger size. The software service would follow certain specifications which would allow this virtual reality to be realised. The specifications would be used for both creating the virtual users while rendering the clothes on the virtual users.
After the user freezes on certain clothes, he can get the item code of the product. He can either order it on-line or print the report generated after he freezes the clothes. The report would have the item code and the addresses of the shops where these clothes are available. These shops are listed in the order of their distance from the users place.
Reward: getting it realized would be one BIG reward 

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Home Richter Scale Printer Friendly Version
We all have seen the mini-weather stations, but we could add a mini-Richter scale for even more fun, reporting your local area's total over all conditions when you call the reporting stations. This data would be collected and help grow an understanding of future predictions of earth quakes everywhere!
Reward: A weather station! And toll free numbers to report tremors! 

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Stig Bakke
Automatic Internet Hoax-Finder Printer Friendly Version
Do you really believe everything you see on the net? Of course not, but how do you tell what's real and what isn't? Wouldn't it be great if you could just download a hoax-finder, click an icon, and get a result such as: Hoax Probability: 92%? This could be achieved by cross-referencing the site name with various sites that report or comment on such things, or just by searching for the site name together with words like hoax, fake or phony in various search engines.
Reward: Free hoax-finders for everyone who was gullible enough to sign the anti-bonsai-kitten petition! 

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