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Energy Conservation - Parking Lots Printer Friendly Version
Have you ever seen the city lights at night ... noise pollution right? Well what about all the costs associated with those lights? Think of all those huge parking lots that have giant lights glowing all night long ... why? Now the facility owners and management will tell you it's about security, which is vaguely reasonable. However, they only need to be on when someone is there.
IDEA: Add motion sensors to all those light poles so that when someone moves in the area at night, the lights come on, but otherwise it is peacefully dark and quiet. Given the spacing of these poles typically should create a "grid" that would light an area with any activity - security maintained. Plus the cost savings from electrical conservation.
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Limited Credit Exposure for Internet Purchases Printer Friendly Version
1- not everyone has a credit card
2- many people are afraid of 'rip off' activity on the internet.
Solution: Market an internet 'top up' scratch card, exactly like they do for pre pay mobile phones, these can for simplicity be in various denominations to match the intended purchase.
a- the rip off risk is limited to the amount of the voucher
b- people will have full confidence in the transaction
c- no need for high levels of encryption
d- the vendor has security of payment
e- the revenue is up front
f- the software and admin are already created in the mobile phone industry.

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Solar blanket Printer Friendly Version
Solar blankets would be a great invention in places like New York. First of all, a homeless person could easily save for one and still sleep outdoors without losing heat. They would also come in handy on long trips. Simply lay it out in the sun before the night and use it to feel at home on the road. And camping trips! You would lay it out during a time you are hiking or doing some other activity and then have a toasty night. Simply made, almost microscopic solar panels would be stitched into the blanket and absorb solar enerygy.
Is this to complicated and not worth the trouble? And I am just gessing when i say, they would cost quite a bit.

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