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Ever been out in the extreme cold, or heat for that matter, mowing the grass, or picking leaves, well, there is a good solution now. Simply install an already manufactured system that allows you to drive your mower from the comfort of your home. Or get a machine with the system built into it. Simply use a remote; with various functions to drive the machine.
And how about this, installing your christmas tree is always a pain in you know where; cuz if you don't, well. Anyway, why not get a self powered christmas tree, this tree would expand or contract at the push of a button. It would turn on automatically when measuring daylight conditions, or simply set the hour. And with a little thought, and with some developed laser technology, you would not have to worry about getting accessories for your tree. Such would be holograms. And then you would have a lot more leisure time.
Reward: One of the inventions mentioned above 

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