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Silent Messaging Printer Friendly Version
The other night, I wanted to message my girl to remind her of something, but didn't. Reason: I thought she might have forgotten to turn her mobile phone to "sleep" mode, and then wake up through the beep of my incoming message. (This has happened to most of us before, hasn't it?)
Strangely, this has been a problem ever since the days of ordinary text messages, but in 2017, messaging services like Whatsapp or Telegram still haven't tackled it. The solution would be so easy: Add an option to send a message SILENTLY so it won't make a sound (or even vibrate) on the receiving phone, regardless of their settings. Voila!
If you fancy this idea, why not email the messager service of your choice (or even all of them) - if enough users get on their nerves, they should eventually implement it, and if a smaller messenger service implements it (they are probably easier to convince), the larger ones are going to steal the feature anyway.
Reward: Whatsapp, if you do this, would you please do me a favor as well and stop blowing up my solitary emoticons to some obnoxious size - I hate that. Just makes everyone sending a single emoticon look like a douchebag. And if you think this is an essential "feature" of your messaging service (you probably do), at least make it optional for Christ sakes! 

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Emergency Deo Spray for Public Transport Printer Friendly Version
It's the disgusting side of summer: You get into a tram on a hot day, and the air is filled with the smell of old sweat. Wisely, the constructors of trams have mounted the bars to hold on to well above your head (I think it's like that in every country) to ensure that there will always be a fresh supply of stale smells. This way, everybody can point their spelly armpits directly at your face (and nose).
I propose that there should be a mandatory deo spray in every car. This way, everybody can exert his right of self defense and do his neighbor a favor at the same time.
The emergeny deo spray could be mounted right between the emergeny brake and the fire extinguisher.

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Reinforced Discman Printer Friendly Version
Can someone do me a favor and develop a discman with a stronger exterior or some sort of reinforcement casing for discmen to greatly reduce the damage done to discmen when dropped or crushed?
I go through a discman about every one and a half months because they simply fall apart under pressure due to usage. I'm not talking about skip protection, I'm talking about the top physically detatching itself from the bottom and damaging connections.
If such a thing exists, please notify me.
Reward: The purchase of your product by thousands of individuals. 

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