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Modifiable keyboard layout backlight Printer Friendly Version
Working as a programmer (and not only) in non-English speaking country makes one switch (rather often) the keyboard layout - from English to native language and back. And very often while typing fast, how irritating it is to 'discover'
that you actually haven't switched. If there were a keyboard that would illuminate the current assignment of keys
(English or native language) it would kill two birds with one stone: help using keyboard at night and save time and nerve for those using two languages alternately and switching between them.
Reward: a keyboard described above 

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Non-slippery trackball Printer Friendly Version
I want someone to come up with a trackball with non-slippery surfaces, or a jacket or spray-on deal to make the surfaces non-slippery. i do graphics and layout with a trackball on the left and a graphics tablet on the left and have become fully ambidextrous from doing so. Every trackball i've ever used has been slippery (just like the daggone cell phones i've complained about elsewhere) and it would be great if that could be fixed so i don't lose time getting my hand or digits back where they belong after they've slipped off. Why does every manufacturer seem to think sleek-looking needs to be slippery to the touch? (grump! grump!) Somebody help me!
Reward: supplied with the goods for life. a beautiful, glittering but tasteful plaque or trophy congratulating me for inspiring somebody to solve this human engineering problem for the good of users everywhere. 

There are 2 replies to this idea

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