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Tailgating oasis Printer Friendly Version
Here in the US before football (not soccer) games, people "tailgate". It's basically barbecuing and drinking in the parking lot of the stadium. People generally bring all of their gear with them. My idea would be to design tailgating oases, where this activity would be encouraged. I imagine an area approximately 30 feet by 40 feet with a couple of trees/landscaping a barbecue grill, tap water, a picnic bench, a coin operated electrical outlet (for music) for each tailgating oasis. These would be located in a pattern to break up the parking lot so that it would be more human-scaled and attractive.
Reward: I'd like a stadium with the tailgating oases to be renamed Bluecube Stadium. 

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21st Century Office Park Printer Friendly Version
Summary: An eco-minded office park where grass and picnic tables aren't there just for looks.
Outdoor Work Areas:
Potential features could include shaded seating areas with power ports to enable working outside. The shade could be provided by solar panels. Wifi access points could cover the area for VPN access.
Shared Meal Areas:
Indoor and outdoor shared meal areas would provide gathering places for all employees to meet and network, regardless of company.
Community Culture:
Bulletin boards, a shared park-wide website/intranet, and park-hosted classes/events all contribute to knowledge and resource sharing across companies.
Additional cost for running the park and all listed benefits would be passed along to the companies in the park. Metrics should be planned and implemented correctly to analyze utilization and conduct regular SWOT analyses.
Numerous. Environmental focus in construction and maintenance of grounds coupled with proper marketing and niche category could yield a high return on investment if handled correctly.
Reward: Focus on growing environment and community aspects balanced with economic sustainability - then spread the business model so I might work there some day! 

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