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Sleep Mode for a Mobile Phone Printer Friendly Version
I have a suggestion.
I was thinking: Can there be a sleep mode feature in a mobile phone?
It can be very annoying when one receives calls while one is sleeping. But placing the mobile phone in silent mode while asleep is not the best solution as you can miss important calls.
There can be a sleep mode. It would be similar to silent mode, but when a call is received from certain numbers more than twice or thrice, the phone will ring. The logic is that when there is something important to convey, a person calls more than once. The owner of the mobile phone will be able to program multiple phone numbers to the sleep mode list.
Reward: I would like to receive the first phone with this feature. 

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Motivation software Printer Friendly Version
Develop a computer program that ultimately works to keep you motivated and consistent in your healthy living. Many times in sports fitness people find it hard to continue if they don't see results right away. Another problem is people don't notice how much of a change their body is making because they see it every day. This program would help to solve these things..
The program would work like this:
1. You have to get some sort of generic photo of yourself that you put into the computer as is.
2. You enter your current statistics, heights, weight, age.
3. The computer performs a scan of your body, determines your body type (endomorph, ectomorph, etc), it presumes your body fat percentage and gives you a full readout on your current condition.
4. It will then be able to give you readouts and images of the possible changes your body can undergo through following a prescribed workout and diet plan. In 6 weeks you could look like this: and it would have a picture of you with the according changes in fat and muscle growth. This could work both ways in fact. If you start dieting and working out in 6 weeks you will look like this. However if you eat so and so a diet from fast food you will look like this in 6 weeks.
5. It could give you frequent updates on what you should be looking like, and you can compare that to your in the mirror results to see if you are on track.
6. It could be incorporated with specific workout routines and diet tips to help you stay exactly on track.
7. You could update new photos of yourself as the weeks went by. If your "ideal" created by the computer was 100%, then the program could scan your updated pictures and tell you how near to that 100% you are. For example, after 3 months you are almost exactly what the original computer image had posted, and are at 90% of your ultimate fitness level.
There could be alot more added to this, but the main idea is that you would gain a mental image of what you could possibly look like. With this in mind you would likely be much more goal oriented and consistent in trying to attain that level of fitness.

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Talk with your Pets Printer Friendly Version
We already know about voice recognition. Now imagine what will happen if we create Pet voice recognition.
It can be done with todays technology, it will be really simple for those who develop it. Put a tiny wireless microphone connected to the computer in the pet's neck belt (for freedom of movement). Put a wireless speaker phone head set on you connected to the computer. Record all the things that your pet does after a certain sound it makes. If the matching sound already exists in the database then the program should tell you what the pet is going to do. After a period the pet will learn what to expect from you when it does a certain sound.
Maybe you will start chatting with it?
Reward: Email everybody in your addressbook asking them to go http://www.creativitypool.com and search for "zyx" and thank me at mailto:zyxRationalist@yahoo.com 

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