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Microwave home heating Printer Friendly Version
Hot water pumped through radiators is how many houses are heated, right? The water is heated in a boiler using electric or gas burners.... Well how about heating the water using microwave... if it's cheaper to heat a cup of water in a kitchen microwave oven, rather than on a gas or electric stove, then surely it's cheaper to heat the house boiler with a specialy designed microwave thing.
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Brian Straly
Interactive Exercise Equipment Printer Friendly Version
With all of the Hi-Tech gaming systems out there, and so many exercise gadgets, it's a wonder to me that nobody has combined them. I would like to see a peice of exercise equipment that would challenge me mentally and physically, as well as alow me to compete with other users, even if they are in another part of the world.
I believe that this would motivate a lot of people who would otherwise never exercise to get busy.
I believe that the sheer boredom of repetitons on a weight bench, or running on a treadmill are enough detour many people from exercising.

If you had a stationary bike, rowing machine or treadmill with a large T.V. screen in front of you, and a system that allowed you to choose a "Canyon Run", "Running From the Mafia","Mountain Bike Trail" or even "Rowing With the Whales" or compete with others on the same network. The graphics could be every bit as good as PS2, the X-Box or any other gaming system.
This could be used as either home exercise equitment, or we could even create an entire "Virtual Gym".
I believe that this could absolutely revolutionize the exercise equiptment industry, and promote healthier life styles.

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Kimberly Engel
Group Kitchens for the Homeless Printer Friendly Version
There is not enough housing available in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. In my small town of 1800, there are thirty people who live in their cars because their rental was sold. In hi-demand areas, people who work the low-paying service jobs cannot even find a room to rent at double their former rent. Rather than leave their jobs and friends by moving away completely, they move into in their cars to save money. If something else goes wrong, often these "homeless by choice" people can lose everything.
To avoid this from happening, I have "adopted" a number of car-dwellers, giving them limited access to my tiny home (showers, taking messages for job-seeking) in exchange for various chores. With this help, most of them eventually found housing. Some of these "recovered homeless" got together and rented a shared place. They decided to start a "pot-luck" evening twice a week for their other friends who were still living in cars: The car-dwellers agree to bring extra food. They prepare the food that's there and clean up the kitchen. The renters get food prepared for them and their dinner dishes get washed. Perhaps a car-dweller who has a job becomes a part of the house when a room becomes available.
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