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Three Tier Washing Machine Printer Friendly Version
3-Tier system: The washing machine on top opens 360 degrees (whole interior cylinder) and drops wet laundry into the 2nd system, the dryer. the dryer dries the clothes and once again opens 360 degrees on the interior cylinder to drop the dry clothes into a laundry basket that is sealed off after deposited. Very simple technology, very very big time saver!!!!!!! Somebody please pick this one up:)
Reward: 1% of all sales and a free working prototype in stainless steel. 

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Emission Tires Printer Friendly Version
In the spirit of thinking green, I have been thinking of an invention to reuse vehicle emissions. As you can tell from the title, this invention implements a vehicle's tire along with the emissions. Lets start at the end, the tailpipe would be capped with a tube/hose to collect the toxic fumes via a pump to extract the gases which would be collected in some type of container. The container would have to have a one-way entry valve so the gases can't escape. At the same time, a pressure sensor detects the psi of each tire, refilling them with the contained emissions if the pressure is below a certain psi. The emissions container would be attached to an air compressor with hoses to the tires, for refilling the tire when the car is turned off.
As for the refilling nozzle, there would be two for each wheel. One nozzle would be like regular, extruding from the exterior of the tire and the second nozzle would be on the interior of the tire implemented into the axle. Another hose, connected to an air compressor, would be just at the end of nozzle ready to be activated when the engine is turned off. Ok, so your tires filled, now what do you do with the container of emissions when the pressure gets too high, two things. The first, would be to open a valve for a short time to release the gas. The container would be monitored by another pressure sensor, which would automatically detect when the pressure is too high, thus releasing the gas. The environmental option would be releasing the emissions at the fuel pump into a larger underground container for a later use.

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Switch off electrics via keychain Printer Friendly Version
Simple idea, just add an on/off button for your keychain that is associated with your interior and headlights of your vehicle. How many times have you left the lights on and killed your battery, or been sitting in your house only to realize you left the lights on. I dont know if it's possible or not, but on that note, why not make a switch that enabled you to cut off any power the battery might be using while your car is off, just in case you forgot about something.

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